You can order machines from us trustingly. We have our word. High quality! Competitive price! Timely after-sale service.

  1. Gold standard

    All our tattoo removal laser machines were made with gold standard. With long R & D experience, we insist in product improvement.

  2. Faster shipping

    After you place an order, the machine will be sent to you within 3 workdays by the best shipping ways, like DHL, Fedex, TNT, EMS… Generally, you can get what you order within 7 workdays.

  3. Longer warranty period

    We offer 3 years warranty for Our Picosecond laser tattoo removal machines. 1 year warranty for our Q switch Nd yag laser machines.
    Within warranty period, all key parts, including the handpiece, the LCD screen, will be repaired for free.

  4. OEM & ODM service

    Your logo can be added on the machine you order. And the machine case can be customized if you have a large quantity. Even the screen can be changed as you like.

  5. 7 days return or exchange

    Within 7 days you receive the machine, if you are dissatisfied with it, you can return it or exchange a new one. When we receive the machine, we will refund you immediately.


01Dec 2018

Vitamin C theoretically has the effect of skin whitening and spots removal, so many beauty lovers quite like it. Then how to use vitamin C is correct? In fact, the use of vitamin C for skin whitening, whether it is oral vitamin C or external use of vitamin C, we need to pay attention to […]

20Nov 2018

Many people like eating persimmon at ordinary times, and few know about the efficacy of persimmon leaves. In fact, the effect of persimmon leaf freckle is very obvious, which has a good effect of removing yellow brown spots, old age spots, sunburn. Generally,persimmon leaves can be used for face smoothing and brightening. So, how to […]

02Nov 2018

Women are thinking of skin whitening every day. Today, the most simple and effective way is to teach you: as soon as I have skin problems on the face, many people around you will recommend me to use a E, a pile of external use and external application. In particular, like people with spots on […]

01Nov 2018

Aloe is used as a natural medicine for beauty, hair care and treatment of skin diseases in Chinese folk. Therefore, it is popular with women. Although everyone knows that aloe has the function of beauty, many people do not know how to make use of aloe for beauty. The beauty effect of Aloe Aloe has […]