About Us

About Us

In order to be younger and more beautiful, more and more people are trying skin repair & treatment. For example,some elderly people want to erase their age spots, some people with tattoos regret about them and intend to remove the inks, some postpartum women have some stretch marks and wish to get rid of them, and some ladies prefer to ask for help because of unsightly anti-redness. As a result, it has been a increasing market for laser machines with these functions.In the early 1990s, Q-switched lasers became commercially available,and recent years, picosecond lasers has been applied to the medical aesthetic industry. Nowadays the laser technology for skin improvement has become maturing. Particularly, ever it came out, picosecond laser has won more positive comments than Nd yag laser.

As a professional Developer, Manufacturer, Innovator and Distributor of aesthetic lasers, WWINBEAUTY has a strong R & D team and strict quality control. Established in 2009, WWINBEAUTY has developed a series of high-quality Q switch Nd yag tattoo removal machines and picosecond laser machines. And we never stop improving our lasers. Even without a brand now,
more and more distributors are willing to cooperate with us, just because of our high cost-effective products. Although we are not a big company, some major companies become our customers, just because we can offer what they need.

WWINBEAUTY’s corporate culture: ‘ Beautify your life, and create a win-win for you and us.’ The win-win is our faith and business purpose. With this creed, believe we toghther can get what we need and have a nice and long-term cooperation with ecah other.

Our Services

  • Picosecond laser
  • Q switch Nd Yag Laser
  • OEM & ODM Solutions for Nd Yag Laser or Picosecond Laser System

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