Aloe Vera is a plant nova with edible, medicinal, cosmetic and ornamental properties. Its secretion has been widely used in medicine and daily chemistry. Aloe Vera is used as a natural medicine for beauty, hair care and skin diseases in China. Aloe Vera also has whitening, sunscreen, freckle removing, acne elimination, and can also be used as a face cream.

Aloe has the effect of beautifying the face, and there is no doubt about it. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other natural nutrients. These nutrients can maintain the body’s youthful vitality.
In addition, aloe juice in aloe juice is a special ingredient that activates the underlying cells of the skin. It can effectively remove skin pigments, and has a very good function of removing spots, making the skin elastic and moisten the luster. So in many cosmetics with good whitening effect, they contain aloe vera.

In everyday life, how should we use aloe vera for spots dispeling and skin whitening?
The fresh aloe vera can be made into juice. After washing the face, apply the original liquid evenly to the face and gently massage in the spot area. Stick to it for 15 minutes. After the massage is absorbed, then wash the residue on the face and apply the lotion or the nutrition cream. After a week of persistence, you can see that the spots on your face have begun to lighten. Continue to persist, the spots will disappear, bringing you white and tender skin. Besides the freckle removal effect is good, bathing with aloe vera is also a very good choice. Before the preparation of the bathtub, cut the aloe first, wrapped in gauze, then soak the hot water in the bathtub for a while. In the bath, the heat of the water can promote the circulation of the skin, and the pores are well expanded so that it is more beneficial to the skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients of the aloe. After taking a bath, it is obvious that the skin is very slippery, very elastic, and feels very comfortable and pleasant. If it is not convenient for bath, when you shower, apply aloe juice to your body for massage.

Against ultraviolet light, aloe is also a sunscreen saint.

Aloe has the effect of whitening, freckle dispeling and skin rejuvenation. In addition to these, it is believed that many people have had such experience: when they often take part in outdoor activities, it is always common to be sunburned. The sunburned skin is red and prickly, and if the aloe is mashed into a paste with a sunburned skin immediately, it feels cool and comfortable. After several times of smear, the sunburned skin is fine. The skin is still in its former form and has not been sunburnt. This is because aloe juice has the function of curing sunburn, and also has the function of sunscreen. It is a holy product to resist ultraviolet rays.

Aloe vera, all over the body is a treasure, whether it is oral or external, will play a very good cosmetic effect. However, such a treasure should also be used correctly. It is by no means the more the better. Excessive use can make people vomit and diarrhea. The reason is that aloe is cold and it is not suitable to eat more. Therefore, for the elderly, pregnant women and children, it is also prudent to use aloe vera.

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