Vitamin C theoretically has the effect of skin whitening and spots removal, so many beauty lovers quite like it. Then how to use vitamin C is correct? In fact, the use of vitamin C for skin whitening, whether it is oral vitamin C or external use of vitamin C, we need to pay attention to the correct proportion and concentration problems, quickly to understand the beauty and whitening trick of vitamin C.

Soak the commercially available white vitamin C tablets in cold water, and the ratio is vitamin C500 mg: a large basin of clear water. If you use vitamin C fruit, it will be better for large pieces of strawberry or litchi, to remember to be big, otherwise too many fruits rich in vitamin C are cut, which will allow vitamin C to react with oxygen quickly and lose effect.

Fresh fruits rich in vitamin C are needed to apply to the face.
Vitamin is a water soluble vitamin, which has the effect of melanin removing, skin whitening and freckle elimination. At the same time, it can improve immunity and promote healing of facial wounds. Vitamin C is water soluble, so it is necessary to use fresh fruit.

You need to pay attention to sunscreen.

If it is a sensitive skin, it is not safe to smear vitamin C tablets or lemon slice to the face directly. If your skin is allergic to other ingredients in tablets, it will be troublesome. More recommended vitamin C beauty methods are: oral vitamin C tablets or eating vitamin C food (such as: calf liver, chili, litchi, etc.), in combination with physical protection of ultraviolet light (such as the use of parasols, sunglasses, mask and so on), such as long-term use of vitamin C fruit on the face, will have a certain brightness of skin color, light spots effect Fruit.

The face may be allergic to vitamin C applied to directly.
However, it is important to note that although vitamin C has the benefits of skin whitening and spots lightening, vitamin C tablets are not only a component of vitamin C, but also various excipients; it may contain flavors. These excipients vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and there is a risk of direct application of vitamin C to the face in uncertain circumstances. Therefore, with vitamin C to beautify the face, it is best to use vitamin C rich fruit.

High concentration of vitamin C may be ineffective.
However, too high concentration of vitamin C on the face can not be absorbed by the skin. External VC solution, only concentration of 5% – 20% is effective. So even if you use vitamin C tablets, you must pay attention to the concentration of vitamin C.

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