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Toothpaste removing acne is a very popular little trick when I was in junior high school. I didn’t think that it it still popular now! Can toothpaste get rid of acne? In fact, toothpaste can not be used for acne. Because toothpaste is strongly alkaline, and the skin is weak acidic. Fluoride in toothpaste also […]

Many women take good care of their skin, and all of them want to own white and tender skin. But most women have different levels of color spots on the face, such as chloasma, freckles and so on. How to remove different kinds of spots? 1. Freckles Symptoms: usually symmetrical, each spot is isolated and […]

Skin maintenance of scars People do not like their own face with scars. This will bring them a psychological toll, because scars not only make the original looks discounted but also let your charm drop close to more than half. Now the skin care expert will recommend some little tricks for scars removing, easy to […]

Honey is often used in beauty to do anti aging mask. In fact, honey still has the role of freckle removal. Honey, together with other materials can effectively remove the color spots on the face. Today I share simple methods of honey freckle removal with you. Peach Blossom Honey freckle removal mask Material: dry peach […]

Skin stains are the skin problems that plagued many female friends, and collagen has a great effect on skin beautifying. Not only can it moisturize and lock water, but it can also whiten the skin. Then, can collagen be used for freckle removal? Is it possible to remove the skin stains by supplymenting collagen? I […]

The vinegar egg liquid is an effective way to remove the spots, and the method has not clearly pointed out the amount of vinegar egg liquid and the special use method. Then I will share the most detailed method of cleaning the face with the vinegar egg liquid to you. The first step of cleaning […]