Vitamin E has good effects on human skin or hair. Can vitamin E be used directly as eye cream?

Vitamin E can be used occasionally for eye, but it can not replace eye cream. Vitamin E has a good repair nutritional function on the skin. It can be used directly, but at most twice a week, and can not be used every day, so it can not replace eye cream. And eye care is a long process, and eye black circles wrinkles eye bags also requires professional eye cream targeted to alleviate.

How can vitamin E be used in the eye?

Vitamin E can be harmonization with eye cream. Puncture a small hole in vitamin E capsule, and mix a small amount of vitamin E oil with eye cream fully and apply to the eyes with careful massage until absorption. Vitamin E contains a large number of antioxidants, which has the anti-aging effect to a certain extent, but the direct use of vitamin E is stimulative to the skin, and only one component of the vitamin E is not good for the skin.

How to choose the vitamin E that is suitable for the eyes?

The differences in vitamin E capsules are very large. Whether it is a drugstore sale or online shopping, many health products in capsules are not pure. As eyes’ use, the natural vitamin E should be used rather than the one containing a lot of impurities. Carefully observe the vitamin E composition table, and you can see the content of D-alpha-tocopherol. Only the one with 90% or more D-alpha-tocopherol is the natural vitamin E, which is more appropriate for eyes care.

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