02Jun 2018

What’s the best way to remove ink color tattoos? Nowadays,laser is a very ideal way for ink color tattoos removal, because laser can instantly crush and break pigment particles. Broken pigment debris can be removed by eschar or through cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation, and there is no damage to surrounding normal skin. The […]

01Jun 2018

The principle of laser tattoo removal is laser light blasting. During the treatment,a fixed wavelength laser is used to irradiate the skin with. The laser penetrates the epidermis and the papilla layer of the dermis, and acts on the tiny pigments in the skin. The pigment particles absorb the energy of the laser to expand […]

01Jun 2018

Hospital experts said that the prevention of tattoo scars is more important than to treatment, and summed up the following ways to prevent tattoo scars. First, rational diet: Away from stimulant food: after laser tattoos removal, don’t eat spicy, scallion, ginger and garlic and other stimulant food, because stimulant food will affect the human skin […]

31May 2018

March 14, according to Hongkong’s “Wen Wei Po” reports, Hongkong shopping mall by today is the White Valentine’s day, the promotion of Chinese and Western wedding banquet service and special photos of the scenic spots, invited 6 pairs of exotic love couples on the ice to simulate wedding, and share their unique love stories with […]

14Nov 2017

What is picosecond laser? Time units of the conversion relationship: 1 second =103 Millisecond =106 Microsecond =109 Nanosecond =1012 Picosecond So picosecond laser, that is, each laser pulse duration (pulse width) to picosecond-level laser. Working Principle: According to selective photothermolysis principle in 1983, the famous American scholar Rox Anderson and John Parrish proposed “(Selective Photothermolysis), the shorter the laser action […]