The position of the spots on the face corresponds to the position of your body,which has some problems.There must be a reason for spots, and the fundamental reason is because of the internal problems of the body. Therefore, you have to get a clear understanding of the specific reasons.

Spots on hairline
Mainly caused by weak constitution, or endocrine instability and other gynecological causes.

Plaques on both sides of the forehead and temples

Here are the circulation areas of both sides of the Gall Bladder lines. If there are brown spots, it is often caused by liver and gallbladder dysfunction, stagnation of QI due to depression of the liver, with a weakening of digestive function, insomnia and dreamful sleep.

Spots around eyes
It is more common in people suffering from uterine disorders, excessive abortion and hormone imbalance. It is mainly caused by long-term contraceptive use, abortion, uterine hypoplasia and imbalance of estrogen and progesterone levels.

Speckle on outer corner of the eyes

The outer corner of the eye corresponds to the neck, theshoulder and the upper limb. There are brown spots here, suggesting that the shoulder is affected by wind cold or muscle strain of the neck and shoulder, often with stiff neck and shoulder pain, and should be vigilant to the neck and shoulder diseases.

Spots on cheekbones

The central part of two zygomatic regions is the place where the small intestine passes through. The outside of two zygomatic regions are the corresponding areas of the kidney, and the upper part is the circulation area of the triple energizer. The chloasma grows in the zygomatic site generally accompanying by shortness of breath, palpitation, chest tightness, loss of digestive function, even loss of appetite, abdominal distention and diarrhea. It is a manifestation of the weakening of the digestive system and heart function. From two zygomatic regions to the upper ears, there are chloasma or senile plaques which suggest kidney qi deficiency, triple energizer and poor lipid metabolism.

Speckle under the nose

The upper lip,under the nose, is the meridian part of the large intestine meridian, corresponding to the genitourinary organs. Melasma here is a sign of deficiency of kidney-QI, large intestine cold deficiency, often accompanying with constipation, menstrual disorders and other symptoms. The people should be alert to uterine and ovarian diseases.

Spots on the middle of the bridge of the nose
The central part of the middle of the nose corresponds to the liver and gallbladder. Green and yellow face, there is yellow spots in the middle of the nose,which is related to the liver qi stagnation, the emotional failure or the mental pressure. It suggests that the liver is lost, the liver and the gallbladder are stagnant, and the sufferers should be vigilant for the fatty liver and the liver and gallbladder diseases.

Spot near the mouth

Caused by poor intestinal absorption, poor detoxification, excessive intake of food, irregular menstruation and weak ovarian function, cosmetics, or cosmetic allergies and a number of gynecological diseases.

Spot on Lateral mandibular

The lateral part of the mandible corresponds to the lower extremity, the stomach meridian, the large intestine meridian and the small intestine meridian. Here is chloasma suggesting poor blood circulation of the lower limbs, spleen and kidney Qi deficiency symptoms, often lower limb pain, waist and knee soreness, cold hands and feet, weakened digestive function.

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