Many people like eating persimmon at ordinary times, and few know about the efficacy of persimmon leaves. In fact, the effect of persimmon leaf freckle is very obvious, which has a good effect of removing yellow brown spots, old age spots, sunburn. Generally,persimmon leaves can be used for face smoothing and brightening. So, how to remove spots by the persimmon leaf?

Why can persimmon leaves be used for spots dispeling?

Persimmon leaves are rich in vitamin C, and it is known that vitamin C has good whitening and freckle suppression. Grate the persimmon leaves and add milk and egg white to apply to the face, or dry and grate the persimmon leaves, and then mix with vaseline into paste. Apply to the face, and it can actually achieve the effect of whitening and freckle dispeling. In addition to external application, you can also use persimmon leaves to make tea, and you can also get obvious freckle removing effects.

How to remove spots by persimmon leaves: external application of persimmon leaf & vaseline cream

Dry 30 grams of persimmon leaves in the shade, grind into very fine powder, put 20 grams of Vaseline, and blend into paste. Keep stirring until the mixture in the glass bottle turns green. Take it out and cool it out. Wash your face with clean water before going to bed every night, and then apply this freckle removal remover evenly. The next morning, wash it off with clean water. Adhere to the use, it is effective for freckle removal and skin whitening.

How to remove spots by persimmon leaves: drinking persimmon leaves spot removal tea.

1. Persimmon leaf lemon grapefruit water

Ingredients: 6 pieces of tender persimmon leaves, 2 slices of lemon, half of pomelo and 200 ml of pure water.

Practice: wash the persimmon leaves; wash the lemon, and cut into lump; peel the grapefruit, separate; put the tender persimmon leaves, lemon, grapefruit and drinking water in the juicer and squeeze into juice.

2. Persimmon leaf tea

Put the persimmon leaves in a string and put them in a pot around 90 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds. Then put it in cool water to dry. When the persimmon leaves are completely dried, crush them and put into a sealed container, and take some out when you need. That is persimmon leaf tea. Note that persimmon leaf tea is weak acidic. Do not drink alkaline beverages such as coffee or red or green tea when drinking persimmon leaf tea. The soaking time should be lengthened for about 5 minutes.

The most prominent nutrition and health care function of persimmon leaf tea is that it contains several times more natural Vitamin C than ordinary tea, and the content of choline, rutin, flavonoid glycosides and over ten kinds of amino acids necessary for our human body is also several times higher than that of vegetables, fruits and ordinary drinks. Natural vitamin C can effectively promote our body’s metabolism, and has a certain effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease, scurvy and cancer. According to relevant experiments, long-term drinking persimmon leaf tea can effectively prevent the accumulation of melanin, and promote human anti-influenza virus.
In addition, the girls pursuing beauty can also add a few persimmon stalks when you take a bath, and the persimmon leaves are quite helpful. In addition, the persimmon leaves contain a lot of tannic acid, which can play a role in sterilizing and stopping itching. If you put some in your bathtub for bath, it not only has a clean and bactericidal effect on the skin of the human body, but also helps to moisturize the skin.

The persimmon leaf can only play an auxiliary role of spots removal
The use of persimmon leaves can indeed achieve the purpose of beauty and dispeling spots to some extent. But because most of the skin’s spots are caused by endocrine disorders, persimmon leaves can only be used as a kind of adjuvant therapy for whitening and spots removal. So if you want to remove freckles fundamentally, you should start from the law of its own practice and form a good habit of living, and supplemented by a small remedy like persimmon leaf, you will be able to get better results. In addition, if people do not know how to use it, they can consult a doctor and then use it in the right way, so the spots removal effect will be better.

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