Aloe is used as a natural medicine for beauty, hair care and treatment of skin diseases in Chinese folk. Therefore, it is popular with women. Although everyone knows that aloe has the function of beauty, many people do not know how to make use of aloe for beauty.

The beauty effect of Aloe

Aloe has a moisturizing effect

Aloe Vera contains amino acids and compound polysaccharides, and has a natural moisturizing factor (NMF). This natural moisturizing factor can supplement some of the lost moisture in the skin, restore the function of the glue protein, prevent the facial wrinkles, and keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic. As a result of the presence of polysaccharide and a variety of monosaccharides in Aloe and the presence of trace amount of magnesium lactate, the aloe gel has natural wettability and delays the loss of moisture from cosmetic cream and shampoo. It is proved by experiments that adding aloe gel can retard the evaporation rate of water in oil in water emulsion. Aloe gel can enhance water penetration, it can penetrate into the skin surface, so that water directly into the tissue. Aloe gel increases skin penetration by hydrolysis, occlusion, and increasing the solubility of the compound, enabling it to enhance skin penetration. Polysaccharides and mucilage as a sealing layer to form a strong covering layer, can prevent the evaporation of water on the skin surface.

Aloe has a balance to regulate the skin.
Convergence agent is the necessity of any kind of makeup water and emulsion. The effect of the convergence agent is to tighten the skin. The function of water is to supply and maintain the appropriate moisture (moisture) of the skin. The aloe contains a lot of convergent and water. In addition to the two ingredients above, aloe also contains mucin ingredients. This ingredient can adjust the moisture and oil content of the skin, so that they remain in balance.

Aloe Vera has the effect of promoting wound healing.

Aloe vera can not only clean the skin, but also prevent bacterial growth, promote cell metabolism and skin regeneration, alleviate pain and itching, and has obvious curative effect on some skin diseases. Aloe vera gel is applied to the surface of the wound to form a thin layer to prevent the invasion of external microbes. It keeps dry wounds moist, and growth factors in the gel stimulate fibroblasts directly to regenerate and repair them. Aloe gel can enhance the tensile strength of sore wounds, improve wound healing and promote healing. Tyler, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Purdue, has proved that a peptide called brandykinine can produce a substance similar to that of burn pain. Aloe gel can inhibit the effect of brandykinine, that is, aloe gel can relieve and eliminate pain. The healing effect of aloe gel on anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sore wounds has also been confirmed by all the people who used it.

Aloe Vera has the effect of removing acne.
Aloe Vera has a very good anti-inflammatory effect. After face cleansing, apply aloe gel on the acne. Acne is very helpful to eliminate acne, and can be very good to eliminate acne marks.

Aloe Mask
Practice: cut fresh aloe leaves and apply fresh aloe juice to your face for 15~20 minutes.
Efficacy: facial skin smoothing, skin whitening and soft, chloasma dispeling, freckles and senile plaques lightening.

Homemade Aloe Vera make-up water

Practice: take two pieces of aloe vera and extract juice. Squeeze juice with juicer, or mash it, then filter the juice with gauze, put the aloe juice in the wide mouth bottle, and use the right amount of distilled water, so that it can be used as moisturizing water. But please note not to keep the time too long, so the effect will be better now.

Efficacy: aloe water has the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing. If your facial skin is dry, then the aloe vera water, that is, aloe vera water will be your excellent choice, and persisting in use will make the dry skin tender and tender.

Homemade aloe Lip Balm

Practice: use aloe vera to match honey and apply it directly to the lips, so that the lips can be prevented from cracking.
Efficacy: The lip skin absorbs nutrients, strengthens the blood circulation, and gradually has the blood color on the lips. Moreover, the lips have the moist feeling.

Aloe vera can remove acne.
Methods: use fresh aloe vera leaves to extract juice, and dilute by water. To smear the face can treat malignant acne. Apply the mesophyll to the acne area before sleeping. In a few days, all the acne will disappear.

Principle: some substances in Aloe have anti-inflammatory effects, which can not only clean the skin, but also prevent the growth of bacteria, promote cell metabolism and skin regeneration, and reduce pain and itching.

Aloe can be used for skin repair after sunburn.
Practice: Remove a leaf of aloe vera, squeeze out the juice in the aloe vera, then apply it to the sunburned skin, and wash it off with water after 30 minutes.

Efficacy: Some ingredients in Aloe vera can form an invisible film on the skin, which can prevent swelling and burning caused by sunshine and protect the skin from burns.

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