Tattoos are very common, some people may be impulsive at that time, some people may want to cover scars, some people because they like tattoos, so many people have more or less a large and small tattoo. Tattoos are common, but tattoos removal is also common. Next, we will explain the principle and process of tattoo cleaning.

Laser tattoo removal will leave a little scar. In fact, laser tattoo removal does not leave the scar itself, but in the surgery, the tattooist has left the scar in the tattooing process. The laser only removes the pigment of the ink tattoo.

The principle of laser tattoo cleaning
Laser tattoo removal is by a laser machine that emits laser light to break down the color particles under the skin. The color of tattoo will diffuse with the diffusion of blood under the effect of the heat generated by laser, and the treated skin will be burned, to reach the aim of tattoo removal. One time of laser treatment can not clean up tattoos, and generally it needs several times to reach the effect of tattoo removal. The first laser surgery does not leave a scar on the skin, but as the treatment goes on and the treated areas spread, the pain will become more and more obvious, and the scar will be more obvious. However, as time goes by, the scars will slowly fade away and disappear.

Tattoos, in fact, that is, using ink needles to penetrate into the bottom of the skin, and then make some patterns or words on the skin out. And tattoo removal is to use some means to remove designs or texts on the body.

Even if you do not like the tattoo on your own body, but if you leave the scar in the process of removal, it is not worth it, so it is very important to choose the suitable way to remove the tattoo. Picture 5

Precautions after laser tattoo removal
Color back is a normal phenomenon after laser tattoo removal.
After laser surgery, it will show the phenomenon of color back. Because laser tattoo treatment is affected by the individual and the color material, some people will show the phenomenon of broken skin, bleeding and blister. These are allthe normal phenomena. It is said that the small blisters do not need to be disposed of, only not to wear the epidermis of the small blisters. For large blisters, you require a well-formed needle to break them, drain the water from the blisters, and then apply anti-inflammatory drugs.

There is no need to worry about the swelling after laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo treatment will present a small area of swelling problem, which is a normal phenomenon, and usually in 3 to 5 days will disappear without any treatment. If we want to promote swelling, it is suggested that aloe vera gel can shorten the swelling time.

After laser therapy, you need to pay attention to the sunscreen.

After laser therapy, you need to pay attention to the sunscreen. The skin after laser treatment is more fragile and sensitive. The reflection of ultraviolet rays will allow skin allergies, pigments precipitation and other conditions, so within a month after the treatment,you must be active in sunscreen.

Do not eat dark food after the treatment.

This is because the wound in the healing process will grow new granulation, and the new granulation is usually pink. Assuming that in the wound recovery period to eat dark food, it will cause the pigment precipitation, that is, the scar after laser tattoo treatment. So in a month after the surgery, you need to eat oily food, not to eat dark foods such as coffee, chocolate, soy sauce and so on.

Do not eat anti-inflammatory drugs after laser tattoo operation.
After the laser tattoo operation, we can not eat the antiphlogistic drugs of the type of aspirin. Because the anti-inflammatory drugs will affect the effect of the laser surgery. It is suggested to go to the hospital first, and to use the medicine correctly under the doctor’s order if the wound becomes inflamed.

Do not touch basic substance after tattoo removal by laser.

After tattoo removal by laser, the wound will emerge due to the stimulation of the laser. If the scab in the wound area has not formed, the basic substances are not recommended, such as shampoo, bath, soap and washing agent in the bath, which will stimulate the inflammation of the wound. If necessary, it must be wrapped with a fresh-keeping film. Wrap up wounds, then bathe or wash dishes.

Do not tear the wound after tattoo removing by laser.

After 5 days of laser operation, the wound will emerge scab. Many people will inadvertently tear the scab, which will cause the wound to restore the new wound, postpone the cure time of the laser tattoo removal, slow down the step of treatment, and finally can not reach the best effect of tattoo removal.

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