Women are thinking of skin whitening every day. Today, the most simple and effective way is to teach you: as soon as I have skin problems on the face, many people around you will recommend me to use a E, a pile of external use and external application. In particular, like people with spots on the face, if you really want to play a whitening needle or freckle treatment, the cost is high, and the effect is not guaranteed, so someone again enthusiastically recommends vitamin E therapy. Since everyone is so admired for vitamin E, let’s talk about whether this vitamin E can eliminate freckle and how to remove freckle.

The effect of vitamin E

1. Freckle dispeling.
Vitamin E can inhibit lipid peroxide production, remove melasma, inhibit tyrosinase activity, thereby reducing and eliminating melanin. It also removes pox marks left by acne, and spots left behind by ultraviolet rays to make the face clean and bland.

2. Anti wrinkle
Air pollution, and the erosion of the years, the free radicals produced in the body will cause the collagen and elastin of our dermis will decompose slowly, make the skin lose elasticity and cause wrinkles. Vitamin E can resist the damage caused by free radical oxidation, inhibit oxidation reaction, and make skin smooth and elastic.

3. Water locking and moisturizing

Vitamin E can not only protect the cell layer of our skin, but also help to repair the natural protection barrier of the skin, help the skin to lock the moisture of the skin, and nourish the skin from the inside to the outside. Make the skin tender and lubricated.

4. Taking good care of eyelashes.

With a finished mascara brush, thoroughly clean eyelashes, and smear the vitamin E oil evenly on them. Then brush your eyelashes carefully with a brush. The dosage should not be too much at a time. It is good to not fall down. Vitamin E oil is one of the best natural ingredients to nourish eyelashes. It is often used to make eyelashes thick and curly.

5. Moistening the lips.

In the windy weather or dry heating room, you can use vitamin E to moisturize the lips. Pierce vitamin E capsules, squeeze vitamin E oil directly onto the lips, gently wipe until absorbed. It should be noted that the lips should not be licked again.

Vitamin E cosmetology:

1. Freckle & whitening formula
Prepare compressed facial mask, one vitamin E and half a cup of fresh milk. Take the compressed mask paper and immerse it in fresh milk, then dripping natural vitamin E. Stir it, and then apply it to the cleaned face after the mask absorbs the liquid completely, until the mask paper is half dry, then rinse it with warm water. Long term adherence, the skin will become very white, and then combined with vitamin E capsules, the effect will be better.

2. Acne and smallpox dispeling
Vitamin E capsule one granule, the mung bean powder proper amount, the honey right amount, mix them all into the paste. After cleaning the face, apply the mask evenly on the face, and still wait 15 minutes to wash out with warm water. This formula has the effect of reducing fire and removing acne, not only that, but also eliminates poxes.

3. Skin whitening and moisturizing formula
Prepare one natural vitamin E capsule, proper amount of pearl powder and proper mineral water. Mix the three together into a paste. After cleaning the face, apply the mask evenly to the face and wait for 15 minutes to wash it off with warm water. Whitening and moisturizing the skin.

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