Today I bring you a little secret of freckle dispeling. If you are worried about spots, hurry up and study about it with me.

The secret of freckle removal
Freckle removal for women has always been a very headache topic. Once spots have appeared on the face, it is very difficult to remove. The same is a woman, she is proud to show off her face, but you can only low head slowly inferiority, such a situation is not uncommon. In fact, as long as there is an effective method, spots are eary to dispel. So I will teach you how to use white vinegar to dispel spots.

Freckle removal method 1: egg + vinegar
Preparation materials: white vinegar, eggs, honey

Take 2 eggs and drain the egg white. Mix well with the prepared honey. Put it in the refrigerator for one day. Take out the egg honey of the refrigerator, add a proper amount of white vinegar and mix well, then leave it for 30 minutes. Apply evenly to the face and massage for 15 minutes.

Freckle removal method 2: vitamin E+ vinegar
Prepare a vitamin E, and a little white vinegar. First pierce the vitamin E, squeeze to the back of hand, then drop into 2 drops of white vinegar to dilute, and then smear on the spot. About seven or eight minutes, clean up. One week at most,the freckles will be lightened, skin tight and tender yo.

Freckle removal method 3: white vinegar + salt + water

This method is actually an upgrade version of white vinegar mixed water. The operation is also very simple. The white vinegar, salt and water together, the white vinegar, salt, water proportion is probably 9:3:1, mixed well with a clean towel to soak, and then screw dry the towel and wipe the face, once in the morning and evening, very effective on skin smoothing.

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