Now many workers face to the computer and mobile phone every day, and the skin will easily produce spots and the phenomenon of turning yellow, so skin whitening has become the important needs of modern people. Then what are the ways of whitening and freckle removal? Now I can teach you some skin whitening and freckle removal tips.

Drink more green tea
Every day facing to the computer and mobile phone, radiation is also easy to make the skin yellow and produce spots. Now the city white-collar workers need use computers, and long time computer radiation has a great impact on the body. 3 cups of green tea a day, can effectively reduce or even eliminate the impact of computer radiation. Tea polyphenols, vitamin C and tea in tea leaves Lipopolysaccharide also has the effect of anti radiation. Therefore, to drink green tea frequently, can also achieve the effect of reducing weight.

Take off your makeup carefully

Makeup removal is also easy to lead to spots. Especially the residual of eye makeup and cosmetics will clog pores and produce spots. Makeup remover can also be used to apply in many spots, which can also help achieve the effect of speckles lightening, but do not recommend to apply makeup oil.

The skin whitening & spot lightening product is absolutely necessary.
When the spot is formed, we should begin to be vigilant, because a spot formation proves that there are countless spots in the ambush. At this time, innumerable spots will be found without attention, so it is necessary to remember that the whitening and light spot products have to be used.

Before going to bed, a glass of milk will help your skin whitening.
Before you go to bed, to drink a glass of milk can help both sleeping and skin whitening. Because milk contains rich protein, vitamins and minerals. It has natural moisturizing effect. I is easy to be absorbed by the skin, and can prevent dry skin and repair dry wrinkles. Milk can be also used for skin cleaning, softening and bleaching effect.Let’s whiten up. Don’t be a spot girl.
Supplementing enough vitamin C with vegetables.
Squeeze juice with green peppers, cucumbers, 1/4 bitter gourd, parsley, green apple and so on. The vegetable juice has sufficient vitamin C, which is very effective for whitening.

Aloe is more natural to moisturize

1. Prepare a speckled aloe vera leaf of three fingers width and two fingers length, and wash. Then prepare a 3cm long cucumber, 1/4 egg white, 2 – 3 grams of pearl powder, and a proper amount of flour.
2. Put aloe vera and cucumber into a small bowl after juicing by a juicer, and then mix them with egg white, pearl powder and flour to make a paste without flowing down.

3. Wash your face, and apply the paste on your face. Wash it after drying, and pat on softener and skin care products, once or twice a week.

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