Beautiful and white face is the pursuit of a woman’s life, countless women in order to make the face a little tender, almost “bereaved mad to the point of horror.”

In order to make the face more white and tender, some people apply two whitening mask, eat a certain brand of whitening pills, and wipe light spot essence over handreds of dollars… Oh, my God!

After spending so much money, the spots on his face are not still reduced. It’s so complicated to have pure white flawless beauty.

Honeycomb picosecond laser

Other spend one year, but we spend “one second”. It is the “Ferrari” of the Laser Skin Beauty Apparatus; it is the laser that the female stars experience on a special trip to Taiwan; it attract countless fans as soon as it comes into the mainland of China.

1 second =10000000000000 picoseconds, the shorter the duration of each laser pulse (Mai Kuan), the greater the instantaneous energy peak, so the instantaneous energy of the picosecond laser will be a thousand times Q switch laser most used by us.
No matter what skin problem you are, Picosecond laser will kill it by the second!

Pigments dispeling(1-3 times to clean up)

Definitive treatment of freckles, chloasma, coffee spots, sunburn, Brown cyan nevus, nevus of Ota, perioral sunspot, freckle-like nevus and other pigment lesions. Because the speed of picosecond laser is very fast, and the blasting ability is strong, so it can shatter melanin instantly into fine sand state, and the metabolism is very fast.

Tattoo removal and eyebrow line removal(surpassing all traditional equipment, less frequent and more comfortable)
In the past, tattoo removing by ordinary laser, shallow tattoo treatment will leave the impression, and the dark tattoo treatment will cause the scars. But the tattoo still can not be cleaned up. And now the energy of picosecond laser can break the pigment molecules, for yellow, Green, red, black, color and other color tattoos, can achieve the effect close to the normal skin color, and will not leave scars.

Whitening and rejuvenation (restoring your skin as white as milk)

The special treatment mode of Picosecond laser can produce small shock waves in the skin, start the repair mechanism, let the skin regenerate, brighten the skin, collect pores, remove black head, improve acne and oil,fat secretion, and remove acne pits.

Skin tightening and wrinkle removal

Honeycomb picosecond laser unique new technology Focus Lens Array honeycomb mode can produce rapid shock wave, which can stimulate collagen and collagen fibers to proliferate continuously, firm pores, smooth the face and neck wrinkles and make the whole skin smooth, durable and youthful.

Why is picosecond laser so popular around the world?

90 times the speed of freckle removal, to restore the inherent beauty.

Picosecond laser is currently a fast treatment laser, which is 90 times faster than traditional lasers. It has strong blasting power and can instantly destroy melanin.

It is almost noninvasive, and the spot dispelingis easy without burdens.

Picosecond lasers are called “Ferrari” in lasers not only because they are fast, but also because they do not cause wounds or dermal damage after treatment.
Experiments have been done to wash the black pigment on the balloon with picosecond laser. The balloon is intact. It shows that it is harmless to the skin.

3 times “sucking” black, refusing to return to black.

The 755nm wavelength of picosecond laser is the natural enemy of the melanin, and its pulse width is short, almost no photothermal effect. It is not easy to spread to the surrounding tissue, and the effect on the target tissue is strong.

It can solve the problem of dark pigment from the root.

Skin care products are difficult to remove because skin care products are only on the surface of the skin, and the picosecond laser not only shatters the melanocytes of the epidermis, but also transmit shockwave to the deep dermis. Promoting the renewal and proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, not only accelerates the metabolism of melanin, but also makes the skin tighten and lustrous, and solves the problem of deep pigment from the root.

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